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I believe that the complex times we are in require us to connect deeply to ourselves and the teams we are in, so as to move into action in a way that is both effective and that reflects self-care.


I worked for international development NGOs for the first half of my career, focusing on building resilience in rural communities through health and sustainable farming projects. I then turned towards my own community, working as Creative Director of a busy arts and therapy centre for over 55s in North London. 









This awakened my interest in psychological resilience and brought about a professional shift into group therapy. With training in Group Analysis, Gestalt Therapy and Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes, I have been running self-development groups for mental health NGOs for the past 10 years. 

Meanwhile, as a mother facing the truth about climate change, I set up an agile team to prototype bottom-up responses to the climate emergency in Gran Canaria. The team, Canarias Siempreviva, is now regenerating soils via composting in school kitchen gardens and urban centres across the island. Please visit my previous website, for more information about this, and other projects I have been involved with. 

Over the past few years I have also trained in Team Coaching, Climate Change Coaching and Transformative Coaching. I bring my experience, skills and training to my practice, designing tailored programmes for individuals and teams that will help them to step into their agency and become a part of the solution.

A bilingual English-Spanish speaker, I moved from Gran Canaria to Brussels in August 2023. 

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