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Muddy Boot Coaching

Ray of Light

As we walk in the woods together, the environment will help us to unfold your process and explore your connection to yourself, others and the natural world. In doing so you will discover new insights and regnerate your energy for the work you want to do in the world. 

I bring my background in counselling and therapeutic group work, and my training in Transformative Coaching to my work. This is a holistic approach which supports you to explore and shift some of the patterns that might be keeping you stuck, meaning that the work we do together will have an impact in both your personal and professional life. 

I work in person in Boitsfort (Brussels), but also coach online, bringing contact with nature into the virtual space in innovative ways.

Please contact me to arrange a free 45 minute discovery session online.


Facilitators for Future

Team work

'Facilitators for Future' supports organisations and collectives to navigate the complexities of our times through one day workshops and longer term Team Coaching programmes. 


Our one day workshops focus on resilience and transformative capacity building, based around the Inner Development Goals and on pioneering work by the Inner Green Deal with the European Insitutions.


Our longer term Team Coaching programmes will support you to systematically integrate the inner dimension, including values and worldviews, into your existing systems. 

Our aim is to support you to create workplaces and collaborations that offer a sense of meaning and identity to those involved. In doing so you will become a leverage point for culture and system change towards sustainability. 

Leading in Uncertain Times

Rock Maze

'Leading in Uncertain Times' creates a space for you to come into community online with a small group of peers across impact industries.  


We know that, to be effective and thrive, impact leaders need a combination of self-awareness and systemic awareness. 


Our journey is therefore designed to include aspects such as mindset shifts, emotional resilience and values-based work. It also includes work on understanding organisations as living systems capable of adapting and evolving, and on developing a coaching culture in which trust thrives and teams become more effective. 

Interested in joining us for our next transformative journey? Please resgister your interest by contacting me and we will let you know when new dates are confirmed. 

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