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Inner Creative Studios

Imagine When! A Future Visioning Journey for a Life-Centered World.

I am collaborating with Inner Creative Studios, which blossomed under the Inner Green Deal, to bring you

a workshop this autumn that will help you to tap into your inner artist and give you permission to dream.

To create a new world, we need new narratives. For new narratives, art is the biggest and easiest tool to help us get there.

Are you ready to be part of a transformative journey towards a sustainable and regenerative future? Please sign up to my newsletter and follow Inner Creative Studios for more information and dates. 

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Climate Fresk 

I facilitate Climate Fresks at the beautiful Green Brush studio in Boitsfort. Over a million people around the world have participated in a Climate Fresk workshop which aims to raise awareness about Climate Change through a 42 card game, based on the scientific reports of the International Panel on Climate Change. 

The workshop takes place in three phases: Reflection (using collective intelligence to organise the cards); Creativity (taking ownership of the Fresk as a team) and Debrief to reflect on feelings and come up with individual and collective solutions. 

Please sign up to my newsletter to receive information about how to sign up and dates. 

Emotional Resilience Webinar 

Heather Lynch and I run a 1.5h long Emotional Resilience webinar for changemakers who are passionate about social and environmental impact, but who are experiencing a variety of difficult emotions in relation to what they see unfolding around them – ranging from overwhelm, to frustration and despair. 

Together we create a safe space in which to explore these emotions and, through playful connection with each other and with the natural world, find ways to cultivate the emotional resilience that will enable us

to continue doing the work that we want to do.

We have run the webinar for the Positive Nature Network and the Climate Coaching Alliance.

For information about the next webinar please sign up to my newsletter. 

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Lego Serious Play 

I am teaming up with my colleague Lettemieke Mulde and Lucy Hawthorne from Climate Play, to bring you a LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️ Networking Session for Green Champions on Friday 27th September, 10-12h at PEOPLE PLANET PLACE in the centre of Brussels. 

Join us for a hands-on experience where you’ll connect with like-minded professionals, share best practices and reflect on the inner capacities needed to drive meaningful change. 

Whether you're looking to spark new ideas or enhance your current initiatives, this session offers a unique, engaging way to advance your green goals. Elevate your sustainability efforts—one LEGO®️ brick at a time!

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