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Molly Stevenson, transformational and regenerative coaching

Sustainable Action 
through Inner Transformation

Regenerative Coaching and Team Facilitation,

helping to ensure positive outcomes through

deeper connection with self, others and the natural


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S e r v i c e s

Wild Path

Muddy Boot Coaching 

Are you feeling stuck in the mud of uncertainty? Maybe you have taken a career break and are wondering what your next steps might be. Or perhaps you are in work but are feeling unsure about how to navigate your role in a way that balances your own well-being with the impact you want to have in the world. Come and walk in the woods with me!

Women Holding Hands

Facilitators for Future

Do you feel that your organisation or collective is struggling to innovate and maintain stability in these uncertain times? I work with 'Facilitators for Future', a Brussels-based collective of independent facilitators, to support organisations and collectives to become better equipped for the challenges ahead. 

Rock Maze

Group Coaching

Do you work in Humanitarian Aid? Are you torn between the urgent demands of the field and the need to take care of yourself amidst the chaos? Are you feeling demotivated and frustrated by the systemic challenges of the sector? Come and join us for a deep dive R and R day. 

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about me

I have twenty years experience working in the not-for-profit sector, leading projects and team building through group work. I am trained in various therapeutic and coaching modalities, including Transformative Coaching, Team Coaching, Group Analysis and Gestalt Therapy. A Coach and Facilitator for the Inner Green Deal, I focus my practice on seeding transformation and lasting change through connection with nature. 


Molly rescued me from the edge of professional and personal burnout. Through our coaching walks in the forest once a week she was able to help me work through the frustrations I was feeling by giving me the time and judgement-free space needed to think, talk and puzzle out where I was and what my next steps could be. At the end of our sessions I felt renewed empowerment and energy to trust in myself and my chosen path. 

Alice, Supply Chain Director

I approached the process with a goal and through the coaching I gained far more than a decision. The backdrop to my coaching felt busy to the point of overwhelming and tumultuous. I was aware that I wasn't feeling resilient at the outset and sought coaching because I was concerned that I was at risk of making huge decisions while feeling exhausted and frequently fed up and angry. Molly's warm and generous support gave me insight and helped me to identify the clash of values that was causing me to feel unhappy. She helped me dispel some negative myths that I held about myself and restored my confidence in my own instincts. I was being gradually eroded until she helped me to recover my sense of humour, to find courage and to look forward positively. I left every coaching call feeling immeasurably better than I started. I am truly grateful.

Nicky, Bristol based Fundraiser

Before I started the coaching with Molly I was feeling insecure about my job prospects and not very confident in my ability to go out and get the career I wanted. During my time working with Molly I was faced with the risk of redundancy and the work we had been doing together helped me face that challenge and also allowed me to do some pre-thinking which enabled me to find a new job that I loved quickly. I now have more clarity around my self-worth, my value and what I want from my career. This makes me feel proud and secure in my power. 

Anna, Impact and Data Lead

When we started our coaching process I was at a point of transition, ending one job and way of working and starting on another in a more independent capacity. Molly helped me to take a more zoomed out view of the transition, looking at patterns from the past and how they have occurred at different times. This has enabled me to have the confidence to start writing my own story rather than just reacting to events as they happen. I now feel more excited and optimistic about the future. 

Neil, Independent Consultant


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